So you are ready to move forward and begin this very fun process of creating your beautiful, new brand! Well, I couldn't be more excited to work with you. This is what I love to do and I personally want to make this process as seamless as possible. It definitely helps when you and I are on the same page as to what your vision/goals are for your brand, and also common knowledge about the process and how this all works. Below I have laid out a bit about the process and timeline for your convenience. 



You and I will communicate via email or phone (depending on your preference) and will talk vision, goals, and direction.


If both parties are ready to move forward, I will send you an invoice for the job (first installment if choosing the brand package,) and a detailed brand style questionnaire for you to complete. In addition, I will require you to create a Pinterest board for your brand. Here you will pin all things that attract you in regards to your vision: photography, logos, brands, colors, fonts,  interior design etc. Nothing is off limits here. This is a very crucial step in the process as it allows me to visually see what you are thinking, One person's "modern and elegant" could mean something completely different to them as it does to me. This step bridges this communication gap. 


Upon payment, completion of the questionnaire, and Pinterest board, I will create a complete inspiration board see here comprised of color pallete and thoughtful photography that visually represents the vision for your brand. This can be edited until you are 100% satisfied with the direction. ​


Your first proof will be of at least 6 logo concepts. You and I will then communicate to make edits and narrow down to the no. 1 and final logo design. The same process goes for each additional item for whichever package was chosen.



For any printed items, printing fees are an additional cost. I will be happy to help you outsource printing, or if you'd prefer, I can provide you with the files and you can do it on your own. All logo, pattern, and social media files will be provided upon completion of final payment. A complete Brand Style Guide see here will be provided for future business decisions to ensure cohesiveness throughout your brand.

Unless additional items are desired.... Voila! We are done. 



A full refund cannot be honored unless requested prior to receiving the initial concepts, and as long as no work has been done on my end. This is due principally to the the time invested on my part. With the packages I offer, you will have plenty of opportunities to request changes, so if you are to happy with the initial concepts pleased not hesitate to request modifications. We will work together to make sure you are happy with your designs!  


The customer is 100% responsible for triple checking all artwork for any errors, typos, mistakes etc. before he or she uses the design for print, web, or any other permanent form of media. I will not be held responsible for any errors, costly or not, of the design after the final proof has been approved. If after the final proof has been approved and been sent, and the customer wishes to change something to his or her design, a fee may be required. 


After the first consultation and completion of the branding questionnaire, Pinterest board, and payment,  the first proof of designs may take up to two weeks. Subsequent revisions usually take up to 5 business days or longer depending on the requests from the client. I determine if revision requests fall within the appropriate amount of work.